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  1. uniteme 15.08

    this config parameter is acceptable. New Feature UC-3615 Limit Queues and Agents a Reach Supervisor can see Added a New Feature called User Profiles … . Add ability to disable agent manager widget, queue manager widget, barge/ monitor for supervisors/agents. To be able use different security level(previous agent
  2. 1410ReleaseNotes.pdf

    JIRA ID JIRA name RN Content Enhancement/Fix/Known Issue UC-1443 Agent should be able to add a a basic OUTBOUND CALL gadget The first iteration should consist … restoring this script to production code so it can be maintained. This was re-added with the re-add of sipXtools. Enhancement UC-1638 Agent should be able to control
    uniteme / … / openUC 14.102015-08-24
  3. openUC 4.4\&duration -tests added XX-9997 : Checking "Use built-in SIP Trunk SBC without SIP Trunking role enabled … replication to lazy replication Tests to be performed: add / remove conference role, create modify conferences and make sure changes are applied XX-9889
  4. 1505ReleaseNotesopenUC.pdf

    JIRA ID JIRA name RN Content Enhancement/Fix/Known Issue UC-3560 Expose Reach function for setting skill list on call to IVR via agent dialplan listener Added … the caller to press 1 if they'd like to "Continue in English" If user enters 1, IVR can remove Spanish and add English This should supported via the addition
    uniteme / … / openUC 15.052015-08-24
  5. openUC 4.6

        Freeswitch conference config is wrong if you disable DTMF UC-705    Remove ACD Agent Supervisor tab in edit user page UC-703    deleting and re-adding same user … A new breed of open standards based Contact Center. Web Based Supervisor and Agent Portals Reporting Call Recording Unite Mobile Clients for iPhone
  6. uniteme 16.04

    Added a new voicemail backup script to archive voicemail for a specific user to disk or FTP View Call Detail for a specific Time Zone uniteme Improvements: Make new user Welcome emails disableable Yealink plugin updates Polycom phone configuration updates Empty phonebook button added Search
  7. 1504ReleaseNotes.pdf

    JIRA ID JIRA name RN Content Enhancement/Fix/Known Issue UC-108 Add IM ID to initial user account setup page Added the ability to configure a user's IM ID on the new user setup page. New Feature UC-3193 Outbound calls are not recorded by Reach Added the ability to call record outbound calls from Reach. New Feature UC
    uniteme / … / openUC 15.042015-08-24
  8. uniteme 18.08

    /99-mongodb-nproc.conf and add the following lines: mongodb soft nproc 64000 mongodb hard nproc 64000 mongodb soft nofile 64000 mongodb hard nofile 64000 Special … ): - Restore mongo config and dbs, then remove from disk - Reboot machine   For other cluster servers: - Run same script - Re-add databases that were removed
  9. uniteme 15.12

    in Agent State Widget. Login failure details now logged to sipxreach.log. reachme Improvements: Added ability to create Recipes on Queue creation. Show … the Add query metadata button. To verify that the MongoDB replica contains the unique read tags, run in the command line: //mongo rs.config();// Special MongoDB
  10. uniteme 15.10.1

    Profiles now configurable for Agent Groups Additional permissions added to Agent Profiles   Important Notes If you are required to maintain Audit records … as locationId). Follow these steps to propagate the new read tags to the MongoDB replica set: In the uniteme menu, click System>Database. Click the Add query