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  1. High Availability

    not needed from a load perspective. Design Considerations For High Availability (HA), 3 servers are required.  This is a requirement of MongoDB (Database (MongoDB … of RAM is a bare minimum.  If you need your system to be robust enough and be highly available, consider not going with bare minimums on any servers...  2 to 4
  2. SipXbridge and Interoperating with High Availability ITSP Nodes

    This document describes the issues and workaround of connecting to a high availability ITSP node using the SipXcom SipXbridge pseudo-SBC capabilities. The high … : image2016-8-15 8:29:11.png Ace Innovative has recently introduced a high availability service and has begun migrating most of their clients to this ITSP node named
  3. Sipxcom High Availability Primer

    Introduction This document provides an introduction to getting familiar with the Sipxcom high availability (HA) capabilities and how to deploy in a production … . The pbx1 and pbx2 servers are then brought back online to ascertain the high availability system recovers and all feature capability is returned. For phase 2, pbx3
  4. Sangoma SBC Interoperability with Sipxcom High Availability

    Introduction This document provides an overview for configuring the Sangoma Session Border Controller (SBC) with the Sipxcom High Availability (HA … , the SBC firewall was turned off. The Sangoma SBC has several high availability and clustering settings - those settings were not tested or validated
  5. High Availability Active-Passive sipXecs Implementation using CentOS clustering

    This is legacy 4.4 and earlier documentation High Availability (Active/Passive) sipXecs implementation using existing iSCSI shared storage and CentOS … " to the other node to ensure it is still alive. System requirements Two high power servers (8 GB RAM minimum) with three NICs in each Dedicated networks for each
  6. Start Here to Use sipXecs

    and DNS Servers Optional: Configure sendmail for Email Notification of Voicemail Optional: High Availability Post Installation System Alert … to configure Phones Phones and Gateways High Availability How to configure SIP Trunks Maintainance Upgrading Uninstalling Migrated
    Scott Lawrence2010-02-11
  7. sipXcom 17.10

    features, enhancements and bug fixes. IANT has contributed high availability paging to the system. A word of caution about using this as the paging service … High Availability Added high availability for sipXpage (Paging Groups) It can be enabled by checking the Enable High Availability Paging box under Features
  8. sipXecs 3.2

    High Availability In sipXpbx, basic calling depends on three components: the two proxies and the registrar/redirect service. The proxies can be replicated … help with scaling, the registrar is a single point of failure for basic calling service. In release 3.2 we are planning to introduce high-availability for basic
  9. Database (MongoDB)

    have a fair amount of flexibility now in how you want to structure your database cluster and control how systems fail-over. MongoDB Architecture For a High Availability (HA) environment, sipXcom requires more than one server for redundancy and resiliency.  In past implementations of sipXcom, post 4.6, two servers
  10. Service Redundancy in multi-branch sipXecs

    , and the capabilities of individual services. In many cases, as in the existing High Availability feature of sipXecs call routing, service redundancy can be achieved
    Scott Lawrence2009-06-01