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Using a computer with network connectivity to the newly installed sipXcom server, use a Web browser of your choice  and go to the URL configured during the Setup Wizard (just the hostname of your server):

Note: Some browsers are disallowing self-signed certificates (IE and Chrome).  Try using FireFox and adding in the self signed certificate as trusted to get by.  Then get a certificate added as soon as possible.  See: Certificates

Enabling services

There are no communications services running after installing. This is a departure from earlier versions and allows for more flexible setup.  To enable basic phone calls, login into the sipXcom Web User Internface as the superadmin user and navigate to System > Servers.  Next, click on the link for "Telephony Services" and enable the "SIP Registrar" service as the most basic service to enable. You should notice other required services automatically enabling themselves.  Click "Apply" button. After 20 seconds or so, your system should be ready for placing basic calls assuming you've added users to your system and are familiar with registering phones for those users.