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  • Installing on Fedora and CentOS

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3. Add the Repository repo file (example to install sipXcom 15.0817.04, you may need to 'yum install wget' on CentOS Minimal install)

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yum install wget
wget -P /etc/yum.repos.d

4. Install sipxcom (use "yum install sipxecs" in versions prior to 15.10)


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6. After initial setup and before configuring the system, reboot the server.

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7. After couple of minutes, the administration web interface should be available at


Note: Some browsers are disallowing self-signed certificates (IE and Chrome).  Try using FireFox and adding in the self-signed certificate as trusted to get by.  Then get a certificate added as soon as possible.  See: Certificates


At this point, you may want to consider reading the Quick Start page skip to the section that start starts with logging into administration user interface.