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Issues Resolved

 JIRA nameRN ContentEnhancement/Fix/Known IssueKey words
SIPX-668Intercom/Paging calls for Snom and FitreAdd support for intercom and paging call to Fitre and Snom devices

For Fitre devices it is necessary to add the parameter "intercom=true" to the Request-Line

For Snom devices it is necessary to the string ";info=alert-autoanswer;delay=0" to the Alert-Info header
SIPX-676sipXpage High AvailabilityAdded high availability for sipXpage (Paging Groups)
It can be enabled by checking the Enable High Availability Paging box under Features->Paging Groups->Settings->Show advanced, followed by the service enabling per server under System->Servers->Telephony services. Note that administrator needs to be careful with regards to paging large groups of users and distributed networks.
UC-4505Auth plugin log verbosityAn administrator would like additional verbosity to the proxy auth plugin logs. For example, instead of :[400_authrules]::authorizeAndModify no permission required for call GWGWb1ecb313-5de8-1235-1c8d-00219b91474e@ authoritative authorization decision is ALLOW by 400_authrules for GWGWb1ecb313-5de8-1235-1c8d-00219b91474e@

.. the improved version of these messages would (preferably at NOTICE proxy verbosity) include the user associated with this dial plan challenge, and the exact rule (or some kind of identifier of the rule) that resulted in the allow or deny.

Auth and fallback rules check tools:
Both tools should get path to authrules/fallbackrules xml file as parameter.
Both tools should get uri as parameter.
fallbackrules tool should get location string as parameter

Result of this tools call should be same as when proxy uses xml files above.

This would allow to check matches of rules offline, without making any calls.
UC-4518sipXbridge should support SRV record lookup for ITSPAn administrator would like to be able to subscribe or route calls to a series of SBC's that are located with SRV records.

Previously it was only possible to use an A record or IP address to connect to an ITSP or SBC.