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  1. Full Beta Release Notes with installation information are located here: 19.08 Full Beta Release Notes
  2. 19.08 is now released on CentOS 7 only. This will require that administrators install CentOS 7 minimal, then install Uniteme with our single line installer and then restore from a previous version backup.

Who Should Install?

This is a beta release and not recommended for production use.

New software releases are made at a rate of two to four releases a year. Releases are numbered in the <yy>.<mm>.<uu> format where <yy> and <mm> designate the year and the month, respectively, in which a release is made generally available. Where applicable, <uu> corresponds to an update release relative to a general release on which fixes are made available. 


Jira #JIRA NameRN ContentEnhancement/Fix/Known IssueKeywords
SIPX-795Copyright year in Admin GUI footer should be dynamicUniteme 19.04 still shows in Admin GUI footer

Copyright (C) 2017 eZuce, Inc.

The year could be set as a variable (server time year or build machine year).
SIPX-805REST bug CDR offsetThere are two types of REST Services that involve CDRs

1. User Rest service, which requires user credentials, that does not have offset param, only limit
example: curl -k -u 200:12345678

2. Admin rest service:
curl -k -u superadmin:12345678
curl -k -u superadmin:12345678

For section 2, the offset and limit parameters are not effective and fromDate parameter is mandatory: this is a bug in our code. Please open a jira ticket to track this
Support BugCDR
SIPX-806MP3's on 19.04 Centos7 for Voicemail or PromptssipXcom 19.04 (19.04.20190522074125). When a call is transferred to VoiceMail by IVR, instead of the 'beep', the caller is disconnected.

If .mp3 is used as the voicemail format, the call is dropping as soon as the beep to leave a message.
Silence is played for message prompts if an mp3 is used.

Switch the message format back to .wav worked
SIPX-807Sendmail queue must be flushed every 15 seconds [Centos 7]Centos 7 uses a different parameter in /etc/sysconfig/sendmail to configure mail queue flushing. It is: SENDMAIL_OPTS


instead of QUEUE=p15s which is the Centos 6 corresponding sendmail option for flushing queue
SIPX-814Cron doesn't pick up changes unless the service is reloaded

QA has found out that changes in system configuration involving the editing /creation of cron jobs do not reflect in cron operation unless the service or the entire system is restarted on CentOS 7. This includes backups and other such tasks handled by cron.

Changes should be made to restart cron after all configuration changes that involve cron jobs.

UC-4823Freeswitch.log not included in CentOS7 snapshotsfreeswitch.log in centos7 moved to /var/log/freeswitch/freeswitch.log rather than /var/log/sipxpbx/freeswitch.log and is missing from snapshots.Support BugSnapshot
UC-4831Regional databases can't be created

Regional databases can't be created from admin GUI. There's no error nor other sign of changes in Mongo log, GUI shows 500 error.

Support BugDatabase