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Config Notes

You must download the new signaling image from It is not provided by them free of charge. (Google the ZIP file name below, you will probably find it). Example file name: for the 3.2.0 version.

Steps to update to SIP from SCCP

  • Create a new folder on your PC to hold the zip file. Example, unzip it in C:\ciscoata Then from a DOS prompt, go to that directory:
    Ex: cd c:\ciscoata\ ata_03_02_00_sip_041111_1
  • Get your PC IP address and do the following, assuming your PC and the adapter are on the same subnet. If your firewall is on, either turn it off or unblock port 8000.
    Ex: c:\ciscoata\ ata_03_02_00_sip_041111_1> sata186us.exe -any -d1 ATA030400SIP041111A.zup (this needs to be on one line)

This program will wait for you to enter the touchtone command on the phone attached to the ATA-18x on the "Phone 1" connector.

Assume the PC is at IP

On the ATA-188 (or ATA-186):

Lift receiver
Press button (RED)
You will here prompt, enter:

You will get some feedback from the DOS window the sata186us.exe is running in, you will also see the button on top pf the ATA adapter flash RED.
Wait for the "Upgrade Successful" voice prompt on the telephone.
Hang up the phone and check the web browser and you will find out the screen title is now "Cisco ATA 188 SIP" or use the voice menu options
123123 and 123.
Or go to the device with: http://ipaddressoftheata/dev (see your DHCP server for the IP address if you don't know it)

Once this is done, you can set the 'zup' file in the tftproot of the sipx server it is registering to. The procedure for this would be to put the filename in the SOFTWARE UPGRADE field of the device in sipXecs.

Software image: ATA030200SIP041111A.zup (by default this is empty) Image ID: 0x041111A (by default this is 0)

What I also did was to extract the cfgfmt.linux file, and place it in the /etc/sipxpbx/ciscoAta directory, giving it execute rights and making it owned by user/groupsipxchange, and renamed it to cfgfmt (remove the '.linux').

When you make a change to the device parameters, it should do the following things when you send the profile:

1. Show successful in the JOB STATUS screen.
2. Create a "ata<macaddress>.cfg" file in the /var/sipxdata/configserver/phone/profile/tftproot/ directory with more than "0" bytes, it's very small, 50-100bytes, but more than "0".
3. Reboot the device and grab the config file from your sipx tftp server.
4. If you added a new firmware image, it will flash RED for a few seconds while it loads the firmware.
5. Register the line(s) attached to it, if any.