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About User Portal

User Portal allows the user to interact with sipXecs system in a manner they may never have thought of before with a traditional phone system. User Portal provides a seamless way to create a communications hub within a web client that includes voicemail, calling and conferencing through Third Party Call Control (3PCC).

Accessing User Portal

To access your User Portal user profile, point your browser to the hostname of the primary sipXecs server, as follows:
Once you have accessed User Portal, the login screen will be presented and you need to enter the credentials provided by your system administrator.

User Portal Start Panel

Once you’re logged in, you will be presented with the start panel from where you can set up your profile, find your contacts and connect with them using the voice and conferencing features.
Please notice and get familiar with the two views of the start panel.
On the left-side view (number (1) in the image) you will find your Contacts list.
On the right-side view (number (5) in the image) you will be able to use:

  • Conference bridge;
  • Voicemails;
  • My Profile;
  • Settings;

All views can be accessed from the main menu (4).
You can use the Dialpad (3) to dial a phone number or use the Search bar (2) to quickly find your contacts.

Working with Contacts

The CONTACTS list can be accessed from Main Menu.
You can use the Search bar (2) which allows you to quickly find a person included in your contacts list, by typing their name. As you type in, results will start to appear in your contact list, matching your input.
When clicking on a contact entry, the profile information view is triggered and you can check personal, contact and business information about that person.

Setting Up Your User Portal Profile

These settings are available from the Main Menu → My Profile and allow you to manage your personal vCard.
Here you will be able to edit your contact and business information, and also information regarding your social networks accounts.
Note that some personal profile fields may be optional. Check with your system administrator to determine which personal fields are required.

Logout from User Portal

Log out from User Portal by accessing the Main Menu and selecting the LOGOUT option. The browser will redirect you to the login page.


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