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Supported Models And Features

Karel NT Series Phones are supported as plug & play managed devices with all their all phone and line parameter settings.

NT Series are Karel's new SIP Phones. They support up to 6 channels and offer various voice codecs and full duplex echo cancellar.

NT Series Phones

The NT32I Phone is commercially available.

The NT42I Phone is scheduled to be on the market by mid 2011.

NT32I Phones

The NT32I is the first among NT series phones. The Features and Specifications are given below.

Features of NT 32I Phones

Manual 32I (Turkish)

NT42I Phones


The NT42I is Karel's newest SIP phone. It is very similar in terms of features and functionality as compared to the NT32I series phones,

Karel NT42I additionally supports enhanced display functionalities;
   ** 4.3" TFT Display (24 bit RGB)
   ** Touch screen
   ** Picture frame (supports bmp & jpg formats)

Features of NT 42I Phones

How to start NT Series Phones from the scratch 

When the Phone is in its factory defaults one can follow the steps below in order to perform an automated plug & play configuration.

1) From the sipXecs ConfigServer administration web UI;

  -- click on Devices -> Phones and then select one of the Karel NT Phones from the Add new phone... drop-down box.
  -- create a phone with MAC address in the "Serial number" edit box.
  -- then add line to the phone and edit the setting parameters,
  -- in Devices -> Phones place a check mark next to the newly created phone and click on the "Send Profiles" button.

2) Enter the network settings thru Phone keypad; assign static IP, Mask, etc.
    (Note: no tftp entry thru keypad, or retreiving from DHCP yet, will be available in the next firmware release.)
3) access phone web UI thru the assigned IP address with the default http password.
    download the settings file; browse to "Download File" and select "Configuration File" radio button. 
    modify the file to edit tftp server as sipXecs and enable the tftp,
    upload the modified settings file back; browse to "Upload File" and select Configuration File 

4) Power on the phone and it retrieves the confgiuration file from sipXecs tftproot, and it registers itself to sipXecs.

Known Issues / Configuration Notes

sipXecs 4.0.x - Firmware ??

sipXecs 3.10.x - Firmware ??




sipXecs Verion

Known Issues