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The Legacy User Portal uses the same framework as the Admin portal.


Legacy User Portal Retired


To access the User Portal login to the web interface as a regular user.



The Voicemail tab allows a user to see any new voicemail or conference recordings, play them, annotate them and delete them.


User Settings and Profile

The My Information tab allows the user to configure various account settings such as user password, voicemail pin, email address, conference bridges, etc.



Call Forwarding

Users can easily control their call forwarding settings under the Call Forwarding tab.  Modify schedules and route calls however they'd like.


Speed Dials

No need for users to call and have administrators add speed dials to their phones...  User can accept speed dials from their user group or customize their own speed dials.


Call History

Users can see any calls they have made and download a CSV or Excel of their calls.



The system phonebook is available to the user in the Phonebook tab.  Users can also download copies of this for printing or editing.


Under the Phones tab users can see any phones that are registered to their extension and what IP address they are coming from.




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