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  • OpenACD Setup for sipXecs 4.2
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This set of instructions are meant to serve as the manual instructions for integrating OpenACD and sipXecs on your own. OpenACD is integrated into sipXecs 4.4 and instructions can be found in OpenACD Setup. For an overview see OpenACD.

Environment Notes

For simplicity I've not configured domain name resolution of sip addresses (i.e. DNS does not have SRV records) so in my example i use either hostname or FQDN, never the domain name.

Install sipXecs

The version of FreeSWITCH 1.0.5 rpms that are available for download with sipXecs 4.2 do not have correct code. Unofficial tests have shown you can download and install the FreeSWITCH 1.0.7 rpms from the sipXecs 4.4 download directory into a 4.2 system and it seems to work.

Enable module in FreeSWITCH

Edit file
/etc/sipxpbx/freeswitch/modules.conf.xml.vm and enable the erlang module by adding this XML element

 <load module="mod_erlang_event"/> 

then hitting apply button on media services settings page.

Install and start OpenACD

There no rpm at the moment, but you can download and build OpenACD fairly easily.

rpm -ivh
yum install git rubygem-rake
git clone git://
cd OpenACD

# this step will download other git submodules and may take a while

# to start openacd

Create FreeSWITCH to OpenACD queue mapping

You need to edit the FreeSWITCH dial plans to answer incoming calls to sales queue and to trigger communication to openacd server there's a call for processing.

Edit FreeSWITCH dial plan template

Open the sipXecs-FreeSWITCH velocity template file /etc/sipxpbx/freeswitch/default_context.xml.vm with the following block:

<extension name="sales">