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The personal attendant picks up calls that divert to voicemail.
You can change your personal attendants and allow callers that have reached your voicemail to press keys so they could be transferred to other extensions in the system.
To access the personal attendant settings page, click the Personal Attendant link on the left side of the page:

The options you can set here are:

  • Voicemail deposit - allows a caller to deposit a voicemail message. Leave this option disabled if you don't wish to receive voicemails; in this case, callers will still be able to transfer to defined numbers;
  • Keypad Entries - use the ‘+’ control in case you want to create entries that would divert callers to another extension by pressing 1-9;

Please note that setting your personal auto attendant will not change your voicemail greeting to callers. You must re-record your voicemail greeting to inform callers of the new options you have enabled.


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