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  • Useful sipXecs Service Commands
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Starting on Red Hat based systems (Fedora, CentOS)

Start the sipX (as root):

/sbin/service sipxecs start

The install script added sipxecs to the default run level. Therefore, sipxecs will be started automatically at boot time.

Starting on General Unix based systems

/etc/init.d/sipxecs start

Some Other Useful Commands

The following commands are available to better support administration and troubleshooting tasks:

Checking start-up status of sipXecs services

/etc/init.d/sipxecs status

Checking sipX configuration

/etc/init.d/sipxecs configtest

This is a useful command whenever you modify the configuration files, and is run for you before sipX services are started. Any problems are displayed on standard error and logged to /var/log/messages. If this test is performed as part of starting the services, the startup is not affected by finding an error; the services will continue to start even if errors are found (but may not operate correctly).

Reset Superadmin password using the command line

(Note: None of the services should be running when this command is performed, or it will fail with various "Address in use" type errors)

/etc/init.d/sipxconfig reset-admin
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