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Accessing Voicemails

To access your voicemail messages, click on the Menu icon and go to the VOICEMAILS link. In the right side of the screen you will see any voicemails you have received, with unheard voicemails marked as ‘New’.
Note the Refresh button placed on the upper right side of the VOICEMAILS window.

Listening Voicemails

To listen a voicemail, click the play button placed on the left side of the audio bar of the message entry. While playing the voicemails, the forward option and sound controls are enabled on the audio bar.
Once played, a voicemail will be auto-marked as heard in your list.
Note that if you don’t have any unlistened messages, the message waiting indicator lamp on your phone will be extinguished.

Download Voicemails

Once you have listened a voicemail, on the right side of the voicemail entry the Download button will be enabled; click on the Download button to save the voicemail message on your local storage device.
Note that the Download button will be enabled only after you listen a voicemail; if you leave the VOICEMAILS page and then return, you need to play a message again in order to download it.

Managing Voicemails

If you wish to save a voicemail message, click on the ‘Move to’ drop-down list placed on the right side of the voicemail entry you want to save and select the ‘saved’ option.
To delete a voicemail message, click on the Delete icon placed on the right side of the voicemail entry you want to delete; the voicemail will be automatically moved in the Deleted folder. You can also use the ‘Move to’ drop-down list and select the ‘deleted’ option.
Other options for managing voicemail messages are accessible from the ‘Move to’ drop-down list, such as move to Inbox or All folders.

Voicemail Settings

To access your Voicemail settings go to the Main Menu, choose the SETTINGS option, then User Settings link and focus at the Voicemail section (check the image below).
There are different settings related to accessing and managing your Voicemails:

  • Your Pin to access voice mail is changeable from this interface;
  • Using the Announcement dropdown list you can manage your active greetings;
  • You can set your email address (main and alternate, where you can receive notifications) and whether to attach the voice message record to the notification emails;


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