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SipXecs license pluggable mechanism

SipXconfig can contain a list of assets and some of them can represent licenses
As a rule, the license asset name should have the following form: <number>_license.txt and each one should point
to a license file.

Sample asset names: license.txt; 1_license.txt, 2_license.txt etc

Licenses entries should be added in the plugin's sipxplugin.beans.xml, as properties in "skinProperties" bean declaration

<bean id="skinProperties"
    <property name="properties">


        <prop key="license.txt">licenseFile1.txt</prop>
        <prop key="1_license.txt">licenseFile2.txt</prop>

For every license found a sequence of buttons that look like tabs will be displayed. Upon every button click, the corresponding
license will be displayed, on the FirstUserPage, in a text area below

When only one license is about to be displayed, only the text area containing the license text will be displayed

As a sample please check the following picture:

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