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April 17, 2018


eZuce is pleased to announce the Beta GA Release of sipXcom 18.04.As a beta release, some of these notes may be revised before the actual release.

Dev & QA teams at eZuce have been busy as usual. We put the next generation work on hold to tackle some performance related items for one of our large customers. The biggest change is related to Mongo. MongoDB has been upgraded to version 3.4. This has the advantage of running Mongo’s WiredTiger Storage Engine. This brings with it document level locking vs. the entire collection as in MongoDB version 2.6. Additionally, database sizes will grow and shrink according to what data is stored in the database (vs. just growing forever).


  • Download entire CDR reports

  • Several REST API Improvements

  • LDAP Username import manipulation - Strip, Append, Prepend

  • LDAP Import Settings now per LDAP Server

  • Proxy Statistics Manager enhancements to provide additional statistics

  • Make EntityDB cache expiration configurable

  • Mark SELinux as enforcing and add Management to Admin GUI

  • Performance related change that re-routes SIP Subscription Traffic to bypass Registrar

  • Performance option to disable Proxy DNS Lookups


  1. Full Beta Release Notes with installation information are located here: 18.04 Full Beta Release Notes

  2. Please note that the upgrade will take extra disk space. The MongoDB upgrade essentially makes a copy of the existing database and then re-mounts it. Please be prepared for this.

  3. See special note below under Update for upgrades with multiple database nodes. 

Who Should Install?


This release is recommended for all 4.6 and later installations.


A new ISO is available for 18.04 at:'s are not available for betas)


Special Note for Upgrade to 18.04 for Multi-Server Clusters with Multiple Database Servers

Prepare update from 17.10 to 18.04:


name=sipXecs software for CentOS $releasever - $basearch

For Beta use the following repo:


name=sipXecs software for CentOS $releasever - $basearch


To edit this file, login to your sipX server as root and then use either vi or nano (easier).