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Because of the distributed and multi-threaded architecture, sipXcom IP PBX directly profits from multi core CPUs.

An ISO installation image is available for CentOS (both 32 and 64 bit only).

Recommendation for a Production System

For a reasonably performing system we recommend the following configuration. This is a rough guide line for a production system. Media server performance profits from a dual / quad CPU system (dual / quad core CPUs) and lots of memory.

Production systems are not recommended to run on Virtual Servers due to the manner in which the CPU is shared. Timing is critical to voice codecs and virtualization creates problems in production systems.can operate fine on modern Virtual Server infrastructures (VMWare 5+, Xen, KVM, ProxMox, Amazon EC2, Google Compute Engine, etc.).  Physical hardware is of course not a problem either.  A hybrid solution is also possible with some physical and some virtual servers.

Minimum Recommended Server:

    • Pentium 4 or Xeon processor @ 2.0 GHz Core 64-bit or higher (2 cores minimum recommendation, 4 cores is better)
    • Minimum 4 GB of RAM with sufficient swap space (6 to 8 GB = better)
    • 80 GB disk (75 users depending on usage patterns)40 GB for logs/software and then 1Minute of VM = 1 MB or disk space, better if you choose mp3).

As with anything, more = better.  And 'it depends' rules the day.  For example, if you don't use conference bridge, call queue, park orbit or instant messaging in your system, you might be able to run 300 users on a single core server with 4 GB of RAM.  The aforementioned services rely on media services on the server.

The sipXcom IP PBX supports an unlimited number of voicemail boxes, and the total number of hours of recorded messages is determined by the size of the harddiskhard disk. As a rule, for every minute of recorded messages you will need 1 MB of disk space (About 3 hours per 10 GB of disk space).