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  • Allow user to choose language in UniteWeb

sipXcom Improvements:

  • Enhance gridfs-voicemail-cli tool to clean up voicemails across entire database

  • In UniteWeb allow users to listed to MoH and Greeting files in GUI

  • Upgraded fail2ban to 0.9.6

  • Added support for newer Yealink phones (thanks IANT!)


Jira #JIRA NameRN ContentEnhancement/Fix/Known IssueKey words
SIPX-759Jitsi preferred transport velocity fileThere is an error in the Jitsi velocity file with the Preferred_Transport parameter.

The correct parameter name in velocity file is:
SIPX-774Add provisioning support for new Yealink T46S T48S ...Add support for newer Yealink S-Series.

Old phones are not available anymore (chips will not be produced anymore).
SIPX-775Upgrade fail2ban to v0.9.6The system is currently using an older version of fail2ban (0.8.1) which is known to be buggy and throws iptables errors in the log, such as these:

2018-11-07 14:54:56,664 fail2ban.actions.action: ERROR iptables -D INPUT -p all -j security-block
iptables -F security-block
iptables -X security-block returned 100
SIPX-776Change block size in TFTP service to 1300Several provisioning problems were tracked to TFTP using 4096 byte UDP blocks which get fragmented and lost on the way in some network environments.FixTFTP
SIPX-777sipxsecurity and firewall logs not appended after rotateCustomer reported that if they put in a filter to watch IP tables for bans, but their sipxsecurity logs show no activity day after day since the last system restart.FixLogs
SIPX-778Grace period is not being read properly by registrar serviceThe grace period in registrar options does not work as expected. Upon investigation, it became clear that the option is being written in registrar config but not being used. Registrar startup shows value being 0 in 18.04 and later regardless of the setting (SIP_REGISTRAR_EXPIRE_GRACE_PERIOD in /etc/sipxpbx/registrar-config):

"2018-10-29T14:52:59.016784Z":13:SIP:INFO:18081.iuliu.test::7f57c70c9800:sipxregistry:"RegDB::ensureIndexes existing client: no, expireGracePeriod: 0, expirationTimeIndexTTL: 0"

UC-4761sipx-dbutil -r not working properly on 18.04 update 1sipx-dbutil -r is not working on 18.04 update 1, it only returns registrations on the primary.

Testing indicated that the issue only occurs on servers which are not both Mongo PRIMARY and SIPXCONFIG master. Engineering recommended that line 609 in /bin/sipx-dbutil should be changed from

client = pymongo.Connection('localhost', 27017)
client = pymongo.Connection('localhost', 27017, slaveOk=True)

To allow issuing on SIPXCONFIG master and Mongo PRIMARY or SECONDARY.
UC-4770Allow to listen moh and greeting file from user settingsShow audio controls bellow the listen and delete button to be able to pause, change volume, download when listening to the greeting or moh file in user settings instead of opening it in new tab.EnhancementUniteWeb
UC-4774Conferences are automatically saved in InboxConferences should be saved in conference folderFixConferenceUC-4787gridfs-voicemail-cli.jar Not Deleting Globallygridfs-voicemail-cli.jar is assumed to delete voicemails globally in the same fashion as setting a retention policy on user voicemail. Using the command, java -jar gridfs-voicemail-cli.jar --voicemailCleanup 7, should delete all voicemail messages older than 7 days EXCLUDING the saved folder. This would mirror the same functionality observed within the Uniteme web interface. This would also be useful to be able to use within the new voicemail-cli script that was created recently. Does not need to be backported to 17.10-stage as long as an updated jar file can be loaded on the customers system requesting the functionality as they are only using it to cleanup database in preparation for upgrade to 18.08.EnhancementTools
UW-408Add language supportAdd possibility to change language in user portal.EnhancementUniteWeb