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  • Bria Solo with Sipxcom

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  • Bria Solo must be provisioned from the cloud using the Counterpath Stretto platform - the configuration files are then downloaded from Stretto to the Bria softclient upon login. The introduction section to the Installing and configuring Bria Solo section provides a high-level overview between of Bria Solo and Bria Solo Free,
  • Bria Solo and Bria Solo Free leverages the Apple and Android Push Notification Services, resulting in significant savings to mobile phone power usage. The downside to this approach is that incoming calls to Bria when using the service remotely works inconsistently - further details can be found in the second section of this document.  The focus in this document  is on configuring Bria to operate remotely with Sipxcom using a data over cellular connection, where a public IP address is assigned to the Bria client. Bria Solo also has capabilities for network address translation and sitting behind a private network when operating remotely - these capabilities will be explored in future iterations of this document.