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eZuce openUC 14.04 Release Notes


This section describes the eZuce openUC 14.04 software release, including:

  • Software Enhancements
  • Application, Hardware, and Documentation Requirements
  • Installation & Upgrade Instructions
  • Fixes for internally-reported issues
  • Fixes for customer-reported issues

Software Release History

Starting with the April 2014 release, OpenUC will have a regular release cycle for new features and a new versioning schema which incorporates the Year and Month of release.

  • April release for 2014 is 14.04
  • December release for 2014 is 14.10
  • April release for 2015 is 15.04

Release Level History

  • 14.04 - April 30 2014
  • 14.04.1 - June 01 2014
  • 14.04.2 - July 11 2014
  • 14.04.3 - October 20 2014
  • 14.04.4 - March 16 2015

New Features


Release 14.04.4

  • UC-3438 - Create Proxy plugin to solve MoH / Ringing overlap for poorly behaving SBCs
    • The plugin will do the following: 1. Check if the sipfrag of a notify is a 180 Ringing. 2. Convert to sipfrag 100 Trying before sending to Polycom
    • End result: Polycom will only send BYE upon receipt of sipfrag 200 Ok. **The intention is to let MoH play the entire alerting phase.
    • In the old use case where call goes to a mobile phone, sipfrag will be 183 Session Progress. This will not be changed by the plugin. This would result to MoH stopping to avoid the media overlap.
    • This new feature is disabled by default, will affect only notifies for event refer and will not have any effect on routing, but would effect when Polycom tears down MoH.


Release 14.04.3

MongoDB Enhancements

  • XX-11389 - Two new check boxes have been added under System>Database Settings in openUC to allow administrators to set logging details for the Mongo C++ driver:
    • The Enable mongo driver logging check box determines whether the Mongo C++ driver is logged to the system logs.
    • The Mongo driver log level check box determines the log level used by the Mongo driver logger.
  • XX-11390 - A new option named Mongo query timeout has been added under System>Database to allow administrators to specify the query timeout used by SIP components mongo C++ driver. The default value is 500 milliseconds.
  • XX-11378 - The system has been enhanced to allow sipXecs components to merge contact results for new registrations and read data from the local MongoDB node. Also, the clusterId parameter is now included in the read preferences.
  • XX-11382 - The SEC functionality has significantly increased performance when administrators query the logs for alarms. This has been achieved because the system now writes all alarms related logs in a separate directory instead of writing them in the /var/log/sipxpbx directory. Note that SEC still uses a lot of CPU when sipxconfig.log is on DEBUG.


Release 14.04.2

There are no new features delivered in 14.04.2


Release 14.04.1

There are no new features delivered in 14.04.1


Release 14.04

  • User Portal ReWrite
    • This is essentially the new Web version of Unite in 'Lite' form (no XMPP capabilities).
    • The user will be able to manage their communications settings, listen to voicemail, see call logs, change their call forwarding, etc. Essentially what they can do in the User portal today in a nice new interface.
    • The old user portal is still available by disabling the new one (see System -> Admin Settings).
  • Auto Attendant Improvements - A number of improvements to our Auto Attendant
    • Live Attendant - A user or hunt group can be specified in AA configuration to ring during certain hours of the day.
    • Restricted Dialing - Allow only certain extensions to be dialed from an Auto Attendant.
    • Make Please Hold Optional - After a menu selection is made there is an audio prompt that says 'Please hold while I transfer your call'.This prompt is now optional.
    • Auto Attendant Night Mode - The ability to manually put an AA in or out of night mode.
    • Specify a Locale per AA - Be able to specify a locale (language) on an AA by AA basis.
    • Holiday Attendant Improvements - Be able to define holiday attendant day AND hours of operation.
  • Change Logging Levels on the fly
    • In previous version of openUC customers have been forced to change logging levels after hours because it required services to restart to pick up the changes.
  • Multi-User Chat Room Management
    • While openUC's Instant Messaging services have had the ability to have multi-user chat (MUC) rooms, they needed to be managed as just other users on the system.
    • With the new Multi-User Chat Room management it is now easier to configure these MUC's.
    • Additionally MUCs can now be limited to a group of users and message logging can be enabled/disabled on a MUC by MUC basis.
  • Login by email address - The ability for the system administrator to allow users to login with their email address (or email alias) and their system password / LDAP password / RADIUS password.

System Requirements

For a reasonably performing system we recommend the following configuration.

Minimum hardware requirements

  • Pentium 4 or Xeon processor @ 2.0 GHz Core 64bit or higher
  • Minimum 4 GB of RAM with sufficient swap space
  • 80 GB disk (75 users depending on usage patterns)

Note: sipXcom supports an unlimited number of voice-mail boxes,the total number of hours of recorded messages is determined by the size of the hard-disk. As a rule, for every minute of recorded messages you will need 1 MB of disk space (About 3 hours per 10 GB of disk space).

Operating System:

CentOS/RHEL 6 x86_64 with latest updates is required.An i386 version is also provided as is (without any support).


  • Phones
    • Polycom VVX Devices with firmware 4.1.6 or later are recommended for new installations
    • AudioCodes Gateways are recommended for PSTN connectivity
  • SBCs
    • Sangoma, AudioCodes, Acme Packet and Ingate SBC's are recommended for SIP Trunking and Remote Worker connectivity (commonly referred to as sipXbridge and MediaRelay services respectively).
    • NOTE: The sipXbridge - "Use built-in SIP Trunk SBC" found in Gateway Details for use with Trunking or Remote Worker solutions should be used only for lab purposes. It does not work in a HA setup nor does it scale particularly well.

Installation and Upgrade Notes

Installation note for 14.04.3

After sipXcom 14.04.3 is downloaded and installed,the clusterId read tag is unique (same as locationId). Follow these steps to propagate the new read tags to the MongoDB replica set:

  1. In the OpenUC menu, click System>Database.
  2. Click the Add query metadata button.
  3. To verify that the MongoDB replica contains the unique read tags, run in the command line:
mongo rs.config();

Special MongoDB note

Please be aware of this Mongodb requirements“Note: Both the “hard” and the “soft” ulimit affect MongoDB’s performance. The “hard” ulimit refers to the maximum number of processes that a user can have active at any time. This is the ceiling: no non-root process can increase the “hard” ulimit. In contrast, the “soft” ulimit is the limit that is actually enforced for a session or process, but any process can increase it up to “hard” ulimit maximum.Every deployment may have unique requirements and settings; however, the following thresholds and settings are particularly important for mongod and mongos deployments:

ulimit –a
-f (file size): unlimited
-t (cpu time): unlimited
-v (virtual memory): unlimited
-n (open files): 64000
-m (memory size): unlimited
-u (processes/threads): 32000

Always remember to restart your mongod and mongos instances after changing the ulimit settings to make sure that the settings change takes effect.If you limit virtual or resident memory size on a system running MongoDB the operating system will refuse to honor additional allocation requests.After every install/upgrade please check that "cat /proc/$pid_of_mongo/limits" have the recommended value of 655350. To make this value permanent you need to create this file /etc/security/limits.d/99-mongodb-nproc.conf and add the following lines:mongodb soft nproc 64000mongodb hard nproc 64000mongodb soft nofile 64000mongodb hard nofile 64000 .

This note also applies to the 14.04.3 release.

If you have a patch installed to your system a new patch may be required. Please contact if think you may have a patch applied as that may be replaced during the update.


Installing from ISO image

Download sipxcom ISO

Download the ISO image corresponding to your hardware and write the image to a DVD.

Install sipXcom

  • Boot from the DVD created with the sipXcom ISO image.
  • Press Enter at the boot screen below to begin the openUC installation.
  • Select Manual Configuration under Enable IPv4 support and select OK.
  • Set a static IPv4 address with the corresponding networking information and click OK.
  • In certain situations an warning of the use of indicated storage devices will be displayed.
  • Select the language to be used during the installation.
  • Select the keyboard layout to be used.
  • Select the timezone to be used.
  • Set a root password.
  • Login to the system as root with the password you provided earlier and continue on to the Configure of openUC.

Installing from Repository

sipXcom can be installed using the below procedure

  • Download and install CentOS 6.x minimal ISO
  • Run the following command:
yum update && reboot
  • Run the following commands to retrieve and run the sipXcom installer:

This utility will guide you through the process of installing openUC from the eZuce software repository.


Upgrade from sipXecs 4.4


  • We recommend to test in your lab all operations prior to upgrade
  • Please make a backup of your production servers
  • Please contact support when you are planning this upgrade
  • There are two known issues related to upgrade from sipXecs 4.4
    • Legacy OpenACD is not included in the builds anymore. sipXCallQueue is the new call queueing system
    • Polycom phones that were defined in SCS 4.2 were allowed to leave the field device_version_id blank. This field was also allowed to be blank in openUC 4.4 but in later versions this field cannot be null otherwise sipXconfig will not start.

More information and solutions to the above issues can be obtained by accessing our KnowledgeBase

Upgrade from sipXecs 4.4 is based on the following backup/restore procedure:

  • Create a backup of the current sipXecs 4.4 system
  • Install a fresh sipXcom 14.04 on a new machine. Finish the installation and configuration by running sipxecs-setup to obtain access to WebUI
  • Restore 4.4 configuration on the new sipXcom 14.04 system.


Upgrade from sipXcom 4.6

Upgrade from sipXcom 4.6 is based on the procedure:

  • Perform a backup of the entire system
  • Download backup from the server
  • Download and run new openuc-setup script using the following commands:
  • When prompted to update openUC, select yes. All necessary updates should be downloaded and installed.
  • Once the update is complete, reboot server with the reboot command


Special NOTE for sipXecs 4.6 Versions Older than Update 9

The pymongo package in our sipXecs repository is outdated and should be replaced with the differently named but newer version python-pymongopackage from the EPEL repository. This allows pymongo to upgrade along with other OS packages from the upstream provider (EPEL) rather than sipXcom repository.

  • Not all Updates previous to Update 8 have pymongo installed. If upon running yum update you encounter a message similar to:
Error: Package: pymongo-2.4.2-1.el6.x86_64 (@openuc)
Requires: python-bson = 2.4.2-1.el6
Removing: python-bson-2.4.2-1.el6.x86_64 (@openuc)
python-bson = 2.4.2-1.el6
Updated By: python-bson-2.5.2-3.el6.x86_64 (epel)
python-bson = 2.5.2-3.el6
Available: python-bson-2.1.1-1.el6.x86_64 (epel)
python-bson = 2.1.1-1.el6
You could try using --skip-broken to work around the problem

DO NOT run yum update --skip-broken to proceed!!!!

As mentioned, the pymongo package in our openUC repository is outdated and should be replaced with the differently named but newer version python-pymongo package from the EPEL repository. This allows pymongo to upgrade along with other OS packages from the upstream provider (EPEL) rather than sipXcom repository. To do so, run these commands:

rpm -e --nodeps pymongo
yum install python-pymongo -y
curl > /usr/bin/openuc-setup
chmod +x /usr/bin/openuc-setup
  • When prompted to update openUC, select yes. All necessary updates should be downloaded and installed.
  • Once the update is complete, reboot server with the reboot command

After rebooting the system:

  • Run service sipxecs status to check if all services started correctly after upgrade
  • Login to Admin GUI, click on System -> Servers, Select all servers and click Send Profiles button

Known Issues


Backup & Restore


Release 14.04.3

  • XX-11462 Bring back old log rotate behaviour where log file gets recreated every 5 seconds
    • A known issue with the sipXportLib library causes the snapshots to generate 0 bytes log files.


Release 14.04.2

  • No new bugs found in this release


Release 14.04.1

  • XX-11082 Internal error when accessing Licensing tab after Restore on a different domain
    • If you perform a backup of a system that has domain A and restore the backup on another system with domain B using "Keep existing SIP domain name" option enabled this error is displayed"Internal Error License entitlement for domain A does not match B. Please contact support department."
  • UC-2816 [MESSAGE.WRONGFILETORESTORE] label is missing
    • Choose a wrong file to restore (example a jpg file) and click Restore "[MESSAGE.WRONGFILETORESTORE]" is displayed instead of an error message


Release 14.04

  • UC-426 Need to send profiles after restore
  • UC-2347 Simultaneous Local and FTP Backups are not working
    • If Scheduled Local and FTP Backups take place on the same time with same files.(eg. everyday at 00:00 backup configuration, CDR and voicemail on both local and FTP server), backup will take place only on local server and FTP Server will not receive any backup archive.
  • UC-2491 Schedule backup does not acknowledge the timezone change
    • Backup will not be performed on the specific time reported to the new timezone.
  • UC-2516 Internal error when accessing Licensing tab after Restore on a different domain
    • Licensing page failure when license is not correct



Release 14.04.3

  • No new bugs found in this release


Release 14.04.2

  • No new bugs found in this release


Release 14.04.1

  • XX-11066 Certificate Authorities uploaded with .crt extension
  • XX-11067 Certificate Authorities not deleted from server on delete
  • XX-11111 Polycom SIP Servers transport settings not applied
    • Setting a Polycom phone to use TLS or TCP as a transport method can only be done per each line.Settings for a phone or a group of phones for TCP or TLS will be ignored.
  • UC-2537 Phones sending subscribe message to IVR, though service disabled
    • Workaround: Manually erase the field Subscribe from Admin Portal -> Devices -> Phones -> <phone_id> -> Lines -> <line> -> Messaging and Send Profiles.
  • UC-2587 Config should not allow adding the same extension in speed dials more than once
    • There should be a warning spawned when trying to add the second speed dial record of an extension already present in the list
  • UC-2765 Changing avatar will cause a lot of log messages to be sent'
    • Workaround:move mongo-sync-plugin.jar to a new location and restart openfire.


Release 14.04

  • UC-655 Issue playing .wav files when Voicemail Encoding Format set to mp3
  • UC-1698 MOH not working when user is remote (behind NAT)
  • UC-2007 DNS Advisor reports incorrect results
  • UC-2436 Alias field stack overflow
    • Triggered by many aliases with large fields on one user
  • UC-2707 My buddy not present in contact list in a HA setup
    • My buddy presence in the contact list is enabled, but not effective
  • UC-2724 sipxrelay/ are not always written correctly



Release 14.04.3

  • No new bugs found in this release


Release 14.04.2

  • No new bugs found in this release


Release 14.04.1

  • XX-11017 External Avatar not working
  • XX-11141 Scroll bar is missing in the Voicemails window
  • XX-11142 Voicemails with encoding format mp3 are not played
  • XX-11143 Audio bar is not refreshed when deleting a VM
  • UW-91 Adding a new Schedule doesn’t work
  • UW 130 UW voicemail history not found in Safari webbrowser
  • UW-131 Unable to search a contact by phone number
  • UC-2847 Openfire restart deletes chat room history


Release 14.04

  • XX-11017 External Avatar not working
    • The avatar is not displayed, also the other avatars are missing.
  • UW-117 Unable to join a fresh new chat room
    • From Unite Web you can't to join the new chat room. Workaround: connect with another IM client and leave a message on the chat room
  • UC-1375 Update Hazelcast Clustering Plugin to the latest version
    • CPU abnormal usage on idle (10%).We are using the 1.0.4 version. At the moment the current version is 1.2.0. It is built on top of Hazelcast 3.1.5 which solves CPU issue present in version 2.5.0
  • UC-1953 Changing the users first and last name, will reflect in the IM clients only after openfire restart
  • UC-2556 A page refresh is needed after editing a chat room
    • After pressing Save,the already existing room is duplicated. Fixed by refreshing the page

Resolved Internally Reported Issues


Release 14.04.3

  • XX-11381- Fixed an issue with the C++ driver that caused the MongoDB to stop working for approximately 15 minutes when using the default TCP timeout. Now, a query with a limited timeout can be specified by the administrator and the executions are correctly performed, thus allowing users to place calls continuously.
  • XX-11398-Fixed several issues that caused the system to incorrectly manage memory allocations. This issue occurred because the sipXtackLibnetwork stacks leaked memory of the SdpBody and NameValuePairs types and the SipClientSendMsg destructor was not virtual. Now, sipXtackLibbehaves correctly and the SipClientSendMsg has been made virtual.
  • UC-3252- Fixed an issue that caused the OpenFire plugin to incorrectly manage memory allocations and generate out of memory java exceptions. This issue occured when a non-IM user was modified in the Administration Portal and when groups with thousands of users were updated.
  • XX-10950- Fixed an issue that caused slow performances when using the proxy and registrar plug-ins. This issue occurred because the proxy and registrar plug-ins were making separate queries to the MongoDB to retrieve required information. Now, queries are made only once for each call and the results are sent to all plug-ins.
  • XX-11399- FreeSwitch processes are now running with a normal priority. Previously, the FreeSwitch process was assigned a higher priority than the proxy and occasionally caused the proxy to have insufficient resources to process calls.
  • XX-11384- Fixed an issue that caused the garbage collector to stop working when processing a large number of transactions. This issue occurred because the garbage collector was only scheduled to function when the user-agent queue was empty. Now, the functionality continues to collect stale transactions even in a constant heavy traffic scenario.

Resolved Customer Reported Issues


Release 14.04.4

  • XX-11584 - Write race on the same TCP socket descriptor
    • Fixed an issue whereby the socket::send operations are not thread safe and there is the possibility of missing some TCP packets if two threads try to grab the same socket at the same time.
    • The race condition applies only to TCP and the involved functions are SipClient::isWritable() and SipClientWriteBuffer::writeMore() since they are run in distinct threads.
  • XX-11462 - Fix log rotate behavior where log file gets recreated every 5 seconds
    • Fixed in issue introduced in 14.04.3 where log file changes caused an over abundance of logging and log files to not get rotated properly, this can lead to disk space getting consumed rapidly.
  • XX-11551 - Implement expire grace period for registrations
    • Fixed an in with that appears in distributed highly available systems where slight delays in database replication would cause registrations to drop for a short period of time. A grace period for registrations has been implemented to account for any delays that may occur during replication.
  • XX-11399 Revert - Start FS process with normal priority
    • Reverted a fix introduced in 14.04.3. Freeswitch starts with higher priority than proxy, it was observed during load testing AAs that FS got a big slice of CPU and proxy didn't have enough resources to process calls. Load testing AAs with 30cps went just fine after starting FS with lower priority (that is with -np option).
    • In live environments with customers running certain virtualization technology, this change caused static in MoH and poor quality conference bridging.


Release 14.04.2

  • XX-11138 Sometimes when using @call, unite web's callcontroller leaves call hanging
  • XX-11139 Sometimes when using @call from old user portal's phonesbook callcontroller leaves call hanging
  • XX-11194 Polycom phones might flood tcp connections trying to upload logs
  • XX-11201 Deleting user via SOAP API fails with org.springframework.dao.DuplicateKeyException
  • XX-11209 Polycom: firmware 4.1.1 is not available in the device files upload
  • XX-11211 Phones subscribe to MWI, MOH and presence even if these services are unavailable
  • XX-11214 Special auto-provision line\s AOR (~id~~sipXprovision) should be unique per phone
  • UW-91 Adding a new Schedule doesn’t work
  • UW-110 Status Icon not as per design
  • UW-111 Once a user is clicked in the left panel the chat edit box should get focus
  • UW-130 UW voicemail history not found in Safari webbrowser
  • UW-132 Conference dashboard not showing correctly all active users
  • UW-136 Unite feature bug -- missing participant
  • UW-137 Dialpad errors
  • UW-138 Click on a searched contact needs implementing
  • UW-139 Move voice message to all should not be available
  • UC-2223 Investigate if we could support "Save and update phone" on speed dials when hoteling user is logged in
  • UC-2853 zen 2614 : proxy core dump caused by siprouter destructor
  • UC-2953 Implement NOTIFY resend capability for sipXsss
  • UC-3019 Speed dials with subscribe to presence won't be added to phones


Release 14.04.1

  • XX-10660 SDP in UPDATE message contains incorrect IP address when using NAT
  • XX-10790 NAT traversal keepalive causes DNS lookups to host "willgetpatched:5060"
  • XX-10791 Prevent DNS Amplification Attack
  • XX-11037 REST API do not send the user permissions
  • XX-11042 Proxy must relay ACK statelessly even if it doesn't have the INVITE transaction for it
  • XX-11063 E-mail address and other user's fields are not restored
  • XX11073183/180 responses are not properly tagged by sipXbridge when hairpinning calls back to the same ITSP
  • XX-11090 Conference DNS Lookup Broken
  • XX-11091 Add region pops-out of format
  • XX-11106 Httpd and tomcat logs should be included in snapshot
  • XX-11107 Logs to add to snapshot
  • XX-11108 add MySQL.log to snapshot
  • XX-11119 File uploads on Polycom 5.0.2
  • XX-11120 Sometimes proxy uses random value for Max-Forwards
  • XX-11121 zen 2615 : /usr/bin/
  • XX-11134 Scroll bar is missing in the conference room window
  • UC-655 Issue playing .wav files when Voicemail Encoding Format set to mp3
  • UC-2734 Voicemail restore is not working anymore
  • UC-2771 Inconsistency in updating avatar in IM client when changed from admin portal
  • UC-2797 Extension left in-call hanging in NAT setup
  • UC-2807 Cannot login into Unite Web-IM with LDAP imported user
  • UC-2811 BLF list out of order on Polycom VVX phone
  • UC-2821 Agent gets disconnected when trying to hang up an ended call
  • UC-2822 Proxy SQA publisher blocked when SQA agent is down
  • UC-2823 14.04 Holiday Attendant failed on upgrade from 4.6 to 14.04
  • UC-2838 Reach client recording cannot be disabled
  • UC-2840 Reach agent is unable to log in during heavy load
  • UC-2860 Add command line utility for setting default Reach ring timeout during run-time
  • UC-2897 Recipe action is Prioritize, Run Many -> Call is lost if agent does not answer
  • UW-92 User Portal - Conference: Refresh issue
  • UW-122 Menu Button not working in iOS or Android Devices
  • UW-126 Unite will not load on clean install


Release 14.04

  • XX-10946 DNS config problem:when check to exclude NS records,they are not excluded
  • XX-10893 NTP reflection attack vulnerability
  • UC-170 Add Alarms to the system for LDAP Import errors
    • System does not provide any alarms that an LDAP import / update has failed due to a number of exceptions:
      • Connection failures / timeouts
      • Data integrity problems
  • UC-762 Backup to FTP: fails if password begins with #
  • UC-1076 Failure of a local or FTP backup should raise an alarm
    • If a backup to a local directory or backup to an FTP site does not complete successfully, an alarm should be raised to notify a System Admin of the failure
  • UC-1396 Voicemail Security - Force users to change PIN on 1st Login
    • Force new users to change their PINs on first login to voicemail or when the system administrator flags a PIN change required.
    • Tested option for single user is available as an advanced setting in Unified Messaging page (NOT enabled by default)
  • UC-1521 Restore voicemail (only) failed.
  • UC-1547 Local backup fails, Disable Homer SIP Capture services resolves
  • UC-1762 On a user by user basis bypass radius or LDAP and authenticate on database only
    • Offer the possibility to have "special" accounts on the system which are not in Radius
  • UC-1960 Reach: Need a Loud annoying Popup when Agent is Auto Logged Out and browser is minimized
    • When an Agent fails to answer a call in the Queue, the Agent is automatically Logged Out (Released)
  • UC-2131 Scheduled backup breaks mongo replication
    • If mongodump is executed on the primary server there's a chance it will cause a network partition due of cfengine running the backups.
  • UC-2132 Backup/restore did not pull in custom prompts or user email addresses
  • UC-2201 Registrar responds 200 OK without Contact info
    • This issue appears because of the new mongo Read strategy, to read from the closest node and also because the registrar is ignoring that the date is not available in Mongo
  • UC-2215 Not all files are available with http provisioning
    • In order for hoteling to login properly, you must use http provisioning but you find that not all files in the tftp root are being made available to phones
  • UC-2291 LDAP Code Improvement
    • Identify a concurrent LDAP import and generate an alarm when an import fails
  • UC-2346 LDAP import fails due to duplicate IM id
    • Importing users from multiple LDAP sources may lead to IM id's being duplicated if sAMAccountName is used
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