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This is an update release to 15.04.  It contains various fixes that were deemed important to be backported to 15.04.


Enhancements, Fixes and Known Issues

SIPX-184Make Hazelcast integration configurable- add setting for turning Hazelcast on / offEnhancementConfig
UC-3680Services no longer visible after changing SNMP community string1.Change Diagnostics->SNMP->Community string to something new
2.Go to System->Servers->click a server->Services

Issue : services are not displayed.

From config.log
"2015-06-26T07:06:23.160000Z""Connecting to to get SNMP information"
"2015-06-26T07:06:33.162000Z""Could not get SNMP data"
 Yealink T48G SupportMiscellaneous Yealink T48G fixesFixYealink
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