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Welcome to the home of the sipXcom project!

Our next generation project is called Swarm - Swarm Wiki


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Page: 1. Overview
Page: 14.04 and Later FAQ
Page: 2. Overview of sipXcom APIs
Page: 2012 sipX-CoLab Hackfest
Page: 3. Manage
Page: 4. Communicate
Page: 4.6 and Later FAQ
Page: 5. Diagnose


Page: Acme Packet SBC sample config for Remote Workers
Page: ACT P104SLD Phone
Page: Adding a dependency
Page: Adding a new alarm
Page: Adding a simple page
Page: Adding new projects
Page: Adding New Services in sipXconfig
Page: Adding Users with PHP
Page: Administration
Page: Administration Services
Page: Agent Status (for ACD Call Groups)
Page: Alerting, Notification and Monitoring Related
Page: Allowing Voicemails Longer than 60 Seconds to be Left from External Callers
Page: Alternatives to RLS
Page: Android Integrated SIP Calling
Page: Attendant
Page: AudioCodes 4.6 FXO Gateway - Manual Config
Page: AudioCodes 5.40 Stand-Alone Survivability
Page: AudioCodes 5.80a Stand-Alone Survivability
Page: AudioCodes Gateways
Page: Audiocodes Gateways Backup Script
Page: AudioCodes Mediant1000 PRI
Page: Authorization Codes
Page: Auto Attendant
Page: Auto Attendant (AA)


Page: Backups
Page: Basic Bria Configuration with Sipxecs 4.6
Page: Better Voice Quality
Page: Blacklists
Page: Branch
Page: Branches - Configuring sipXcom for Small and Medium Business
Page: Bria Solo with Sipxcom
Page: Bridged Line Appearance
Page: Bug Fix and Release Policy
Page: Building
Page: Building RPMS on CentOS or Fedora
Page: Building RPMs using Docker
Page: Building sipXecs in Netbeans
Page: Building Your CD
Page: Built In Diagnostic Tools


Page: Call Forwarding
Page: Call Control
Page: Call Control Web Service
Page: Call Control Web Service Plugins
Page: Call Detail Records (CDR)
Page: Call Detail Records Information
Page: Call Detail Records Web Service
Page: Call Forwarding
Page: Call Forwarding in Unite Lite
Page: Call History
Page: Call Loop Prevention
Page: Call Park Service Configuration
Page: Call Pickup
Page: Call Queue
Page: Call Redirectors
Page: Call Routing
Page: Caller Id Rewrite
Page: Can't find something when searching
Page: Certificates
Page: Certified Gateways
Page: Certified IM Clients
Page: Certified Phones
Page: cfengine tips
Page: Changing the SIP Domain Name for Sipxcom in Release 17.04
Page: Cisco 2811 FXO
Page: Cisco 3825 with 4 E1's
Page: Cisco 504G
Page: Cisco 7905G and 7912G
Page: Cisco 79xx Phones
Page: Cisco ATA-188 186
Page: Cisco Gateways
Page: Cisco Gateways Retired
Page: Cisco Phones
Page: Cisco SIP - ISDN Gateway
Page: Codec Related
Page: Coding Standards
Page: Conference Recordings
Page: Conference Settings
Page: Conference Web Service
Page: Conferences
Page: Conferencing
Page: Config REST API
Page: Config SOAP API
Page: Configuration
Page: Configuration Model and Settings
Page: Configuration RESTful Service
Page: Configuration SOAP API
Page: Configuration Web Service
Page: Configuring Alarms
Page: Configuring AudioCodes Gateways
Page: Configuring Call Detail Recording (CDR)
Page: Configuring Caller ID to the PSTN
Page: Configuring ENUM dialing
Page: Configuring External Phone Lines
Page: Configuring Gateways in a HA Environment
Page: Configuring ISN dialing
Page: Configuring Managed and Unmanaged Gateways
Page: Configuring Permissions
Page: Configuring Polycom Soundpoint IP Phones
Page: Configuring Polycom Spectralink 8020 WiFi phones
Page: Configuring Polycom Spectralink 8400 WiFi phones
Page: Configuring PSTN Gateways
Page: Configuring SIP Trunks
Page: Configuring sipXecs to work with FXO-FXS Gateways
Page: Configuring Speed Dial and BLF Presence
Page: Configuring Users
Page: Configuring Voicemail
Page: Connecting to the PSTN
Page: Contact Information
Page: Contributing Code
Page: Counterpath Bria Softphone
Page: Counterpath Softphones
Page: Counterpath X-Lite Softphone
Page: Cpp Unit Testing
Page: Custom FreeSWITCH programming
Page: Customizing About Page
Page: Customizing Colors, Layout and Logo
Page: Customizing license(s)


Page: Dashboard
Page: Dashboard - Call Park
Page: Database (MongoDB)
Page: Defining SIP URI Mapping Rules
Page: Deprecated - Upgrade to Latest Stable Version
Page: Design Proposals
Page: Developer Notes
Page: Development
Page: Device Files
Page: Device Time Zone
Page: Devices
Page: Diagnostics
Page: Dial Plan
Page: Dial Plan Permissions
Page: Digit Maps used to Define the Dial Plan
Page: Directory Based C++ Plugin Configuration
Page: Display SIP Message flow using Sipviewer
Page: Distinct ringtones for internal and external calls
Page: Distribution List
Page: DNS
Page: DNS Concepts for sipXcom
Page: DNS Management
Page: Domain Aliases
Page: Dump java active threads


Page: e911 API
Page: e911 Dialing
Page: Eclipse for C++ projects
Page: Eclipse Setup
Page: Ekiga Softphone
Page: Enable Inband DTMF detection for IVR
Page: Enabling 16kHz audio for all FreeSWITCH services in sipXecs 4.4
Page: Epygi Gateways
Page: Epygi Quadro Gateway
Page: Epygi QXE1/T1
Page: Error Messages Explained
Page: Extending Admin Web UI Menu
Page: External Alert-Info
Page: eZuce Licensing Services
Page: eZuce sipXcom and Uniteme API Reference Guide
Page: eZuce Vendor Certification Program


Page: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Page: Features
Page: Firewall
Page: Fortinet Fortigate Firewall
Page: Frafos
Page: Freeswitch Conference Commands
Page: FreeSWITCH SIP Trunking Gateway
Page: Functional Specification for a Paging Server


Page: G.729
Page: Gateways
Page: Gateways Page
Page: Gateways Rest
Page: General FAQ
Page: Get Started
Page: Getting the current number of active calls with PHP
Page: Git branch maintenance guidelines
Page: Global Network Parameters
Page: Grandstream Phones
Page: Guidelines


Page: Hardphones
Page: Hardphones FAQ
Page: Hardware and Interoperability
Page: Hardware Requirements
Page: Have Phones Always Reboot on check-synch
Page: HD Music on Hold
Page: High Availability
Page: High Availability Active-Passive sipXecs Implementation using CentOS clustering
Page: Homer FAQ
Page: Hotdesking
Page: How To ... ?
Page: How to configure Phone Directory
Page: How to configure User Call Forwarding
Page: How to Create an Auto Attendant to transfer to Different Locales
Page: How To Disable Default Softkeys And "Do Not Disturb" Feature
Page: How to enable TLS + SRTP
Page: How to help
Page: How to import contacts from Google Accounts
Page: How to Localize the Dial Plan
Page: How to record custom voice prompts
Page: How to Report a Problem or Request a Feature
Page: How-To's
Page: HowTo Create a Localization Package
Page: HowTo Create SIP Echo Service
Page: HowTo recompile Freeswitch on a CentOS 5 sipXecs install
Page: HTTPS Provisioning
Page: Hunt Group API
Page: Hunt Groups


Page: IMDB Replication
Page: Import User and Device Data from CSV Files
Page: Improve polycom phones fallback delays
Page: Information Technology Related
Page: InGate SIParator
Page: Install Localization Packages
Page: Installable Localization Packages
Page: Installation and Upgrades
Page: Installing from CD - Legacy
Page: Installing from source
Page: Installing on CentOS / RHEL 7 / Fedora
Page: Instant Messaging
Page: Instant Messaging and Presence
Page: Integration with Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange 2007
Page: Intercom Calling
Page: Interoperable SIP Trunk Providers
Page: Interoperation with Cisco Router: IOS15+
Page: Interworking SipXcom with TWC SIP Trunks
Page: Interworking with Cablevision Optimum Business SIP Trunks
Page: Introduction to Configuring Phones
Page: Introduction to PSTN Gateways
Page: ISDN Logging on AudioCodes Gateway
Page: IVR


Page: Jitsi


Page: Karel IP11x Series Phones
Page: Karel NT Series Phones
Page: Karel Phones
Page: Karoo Bridge SBC
Page: Karoo Configuration Samples
Page: Kphone Softphone


Page: LDAP - Openfire Integration
Page: LDAP Integration
Page: Legacy sipXcom ISO Images
Page: Legacy User Portal
Page: Legacy User Portal Retired
Page: LG-Nortel LIP-68xx Phones
Page: LGNortel Phones
Page: Linksys Phones
Page: Linksys Sipura FXS Gateways
Page: Linksys SPA Phones
Page: Linksys SPA Phones - Workarounds
Page: Linksys WIP 330 WiFi Phones
Page: List of Features
Page: Localization
Page: Localization of ConfigServer
Page: Localization of GUI Text Prompts
Page: Localization of Region Specific Files
Page: Localization of Voice Prompts
Page: Localizing the setup scripts
Page: Location Based Call Routing
Page: Location based DNS views for sipXecs using BIND
Page: Locations
Page: Logging
Page: Logging Guidelines
Page: Login History


Page: Making a Voice Call
Page: Manage APIs
Page: Managed Firmware Plugin
Page: Managed Gateway Plugin
Page: Managed Phones Plugin
Page: Managed Services Plugin
Page: Managing Device Firmware
Page: Mediatrix 1204 Gateway
Page: Message Waiting Indication (MWI)
Page: Mobile Apps
Page: Monitoring with Nagios
Page: Multiple Time Zones
Page: Music On Hold
Page: Music on Hold
Page: Music on Hold (MOH)
Page: Music On Hold Customization for Advertising
Page: My Buddy
Page: My Information
Page: MyBuddy


Page: Network Trace Capture Tool
Page: New User Portal
Page: Next Generation User Portal
Page: Nortel Secure Router 2330 Gateway


Page: OpenACD
Page: OpenACD Agent Portal
Page: openACD FAQ (Call Center)
Page: OpenACD Queues
Page: OpenACD Setup
Page: OpenACD Setup for sipXecs 4.2
Page: OpenACD Setup for sipXecs 4.6
Page: OpenFire
Page: Openfire Console Administration
Page: OpenSBC Setup Guide
Page: Other Devices
Page: Overall services and function
Page: Overview
Page: Overview of sipXcom/Unite APIs


Page: Page Groups
Page: Paging Groups
Page: Park Orbit
Page: Participant Management
Page: Patton 4114 (4 FXO)
Page: Patton 4114 (4 FXO) - TESTED
Page: Patton 4114 FXO 5.4 multipurpose configuration
Page: Patton 4114 FXS 5.4 configuration with multiple user registrations on a line
Page: Patton 4118 (4 FXO, 4 FXS)
Page: Patton 4524 (4 FXO, 4 FXS)
Page: Patton 4524 (4 FXO, 4 FXS) with SIP Trunk to
Page: Patton 4524 - TESTED
Page: Patton 4524 4 port FXO gateway (firmware 6.1)
Page: Patton 4524 Time of Day and Day of Week Routing
Page: Patton 4960 (4 E1 T1)
Page: Patton 4960 firmware 6.1 basic isdn config, 4 t1 e1
Page: Patton 4960 Firmware version 5.2
Page: Patton 5200 SBC
Page: Patton Gateway Configuration Examples
Page: Patton SmartNode SIP Gateway
Page: Patton SN4970/1E24V known good faxing config
Page: Permissions
Page: Permissions Rest
Page: Personal Assistant
Page: Personal Assistant Future Features
Page: Personal Assistant Futures
Page: Personal Attendant
Page: Personal Auto-Attendant
Page: pfSense firewall
Page: Pfsense Firewall Basic Setup with Sipxcom
Page: Phone
Page: Phone and System Feature Compatibility Matrix
Page: Phone Book
Page: Phone Certification Process
Page: Phone Groups
Page: Phone Groups Rest
Page: Phone Registration
Page: Phonebook
Page: Phonebooks
Page: Phonelogd Service to capture logging from phones
Page: Phones
Page: Plugins, Extensions and Hacking
Page: Polycom KIRK DECT
Page: Polycom Phone Customization
Page: Polycom Phone using sipXecs TLS transport
Page: Polycom Phones
Page: Polycom SoundPoint IP 335
Page: Polycom SoundPoint IP 550, 650, and 670 - sipXecs End User Quick Start Guide
Page: Potential paging system replacement
Page: Project History
Page: Provisioning Polycom Phones: Setting the Default Firmware Version in the Master Configuration File
Page: Proxy
Page: Push-To-Talk and Group Paging


Page: Quick Start
Page: QXFSX24


Page: Registrar
Page: Registrations
Page: Release Notes
Page: Remote User NAT Traversal
Page: Remotely monitoring a sipXecs Java application
Page: Reset Entire System
Page: REST Servers
Page: Restore
Page: Retired Features
Page: Retired Web Service APIs Pages
Page: Roles, Services and Processes


Page: Sample PHP Code
Page: Sangoma
Page: Sangoma SBC Interoperability with SipXcom and Skype for Business (Lync)
Page: Sangoma SBC Interoperability with Sipxcom High Availability
Page: Schedules
Page: Screen Shots
Page: Securing Calls to the PSTN
Page: Security
Page: Security Related
Page: Servers
Page: Servers Rest
Page: Session Border Controllers (SBCs)
Page: Setting up an RTCP-XR collector for Polycom Productivity Suite
Page: Setting Up Bridge Line Appearance Lines for Small and Medium Businesses
Page: Shared Appearance Agent (SAA)
Page: SIP GRUU offering
Page: SIP Signaling Regresson Test Tool
Page: SIP Trunking
Page: Sipura SPA-841 Phone
Page: sipx-snapshot
Page: SipXbridge and Interoperating with High Availability ITSP Nodes
Page: sipXcom 14.04
Page: sipXcom 14.10
Page: sipXcom 15.04
Page: sipXcom 15.04.1
Page: sipXcom 15.05
Page: sipXcom 15.06
Page: sipXcom 15.08
Page: sipXcom 15.10
Page: sipXcom 15.10.1
Page: sipXcom 15.12
Page: sipXcom 16.02
Page: sipXcom 16.04
Page: sipXcom 16.08
Page: sipXcom 16.12
Page: sipXcom 16.12.1
Page: sipXcom 17.04
Page: sipXcom 17.08
Page: sipXcom 17.10
Page: sipXcom 18.04
Page: sipXcom 18.08
Page: sipXcom 18.12
Page: sipXcom 18.12.centos7
Page: sipXcom 19.04
Page: sipXcom 19.08
Page: sipXcom 19.12
Page: sipXcom 20.04
Page: sipXcom 20.08
Page: sipXcom 21.04
Page: Sipxcom High Availability Primer
Page: sipXcom RPM Repositories
Page: SipXcom Voicemail to Email
Home page: sipXcom Wiki
Page: sipXconfig Changing database schema
Page: sipXconfig GWT Debugging
Page: sipXconfig Remote Debugging
Page: sipXconfig replication triggers
Page: sipXconfig Search Integration
Page: sipXconfig Tips
Page: sipXecs 3.10
Page: sipXecs 3.2
Page: sipXecs 3.4
Page: sipXecs 3.6
Page: sipXecs 3.8
Page: sipXecs 4.0
Page: sipXecs 4.2
Page: sipXecs 4.4
Page: sipXecs 4.6
Page: SipXecs replication mechanism
Page: sipXecs to sipXecs Calling
Page: sipXmediaLib Notes
Page: sipXopenfire architecture
Page: sipXopenfire Notes
Page: sipXopenfire XMLRPC API
Page: sipXsupervisor Notes
Page: sipXtools
Page: SNOM Phones
Page: Softphones
Page: Software SIP - H.323 gateway
Page: Software Updates
Page: Sonicwall
Page: Source
Page: Speed Dial
Page: Speed Dial
Page: Speed Dials
Page: SSL Web Certificates
Page: Standard Voicemail Menu Structure
Page: Start a Conference
Page: Starting, Stopping and Restarting Services
Page: Supervisor Process Definitions
Page: System
Page: System Architecture Diagrams
Page: System Date and Time
Page: System Service


Page: Telephony Related
Page: Terminology
Page: Test page
Page: The Openfire admin console
Page: TLS Peers
Page: Topology requirements
Page: Trouble shooting and problem reporting
Page: Troubleshooting


Page: Unified Messaging
Page: Uninstalling sipXcom
Page: Unmanaged Services (4.6 only)
Page: Upgrading from sipFoundry Canary to sipXcom
Page: Useful sipXecs Service Commands
Page: User
Page: User Experiences
Page: User Forwarding with PHP
Page: User Groups
Page: User Portal Troubleshooting
Page: User Services
Page: User Web Portal
Page: User Web Portal Legacy
Page: Users
Page: Using IDEs
Page: Using SIPp to run Performance Tests
Page: Using TLS


Page: Valet Parking Lot Example
Page: Vegastream Gateway
Page: Version Numbers
Page: Version Specific Fixes
Page: Videos
Page: Voice Features
Page: Voice Prompts Defined Languages
Page: Voicemail
Page: Voicemail Rest
Page: Voicemail Web Service
Page: Voicemail-Email Custom Notifications
Page: Voicemails


Page: Web Service API Unification
Page: Web Service APIs
Page: What Gateways to Choose
Page: What Phones to Choose
Page: What's New - Web Service APIs
Page: When will the next release be available?
Page: Why sipXecs challenges REFER
Page: Working with GIT repository


Page: XMPP and Presence - How does this work?


Page: Yealink Phones





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