System Application Services

All the sipXcom application services are allocated to specific server roles. Using the centralized cluster management system each role can be instantiated on a dedicated server or several (all) roles can be run on a single server. Configuration of all services and participating servers is fully automatic and Web UI based.

SOA Architecture / Business Process Integration using Web Services

Core Calling Features (Telephony Features)

E911 Emergency Response

Remote Branch office support

Enterprise Instant Messaging (IM) and Presence

Personal Assistant IM Bot

Presence and IM Federation

Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) Application

Web Conferencing & Collaboration

User Self-Control (User Web Configuration Portal)

Superior Voice Quality

User Management

Dial Plan

Internet Calling

Directory, Softkeys, Speed Dial

PSTN Trunking

SIP Trunking

Integration with Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange

Supported Softclients

Analog Lines (FXS)


High Availability

Call Detail Records collection and reporting


System Administration Features

Plug & Play Device Management

Unified Messaging (Voicemail)

Personal Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant Features

Presence Server Features

Hunt Groups

Call Park Server

Group Paging Server

Conferencing Server

Call Queueing (ACD)

sipXcom Managed Devices

Almost any SIP compatible phone works with sipXcom if configured manually (i.e. by logging into the phone's Web interface to configure it one phone at a time). The following devices are plug & play managed automatically and centrally by sipXcom:

sipXcom Managed Devices (Community supported)

Community supported means that the phone plugin for plug & play management is provided as is. These phone plugins are provided and maintained by community members. Some system functionality might not be implemented or supported.

Required Hardware

Installation and Upgrades

Centrally Managed sipXcom Distributed System (cluster)

SIP Implementation

This is probably quite an incomplete list. In any case, sipXcom IP PBX is fully SIP standards compliant.

XMPP Compliance