Dashboard program created and donated by Sebastien Hache 2/12/2016


Description - This Dashboard is a simple php application that utilized the SOAP API to pull Users and Call Data from active sipXcom databases and displays it on one easy to follow screen for an administrator.


Installation -  Install instructions are contained in arkys_live_cdr_install.txt. 


**I had to run**:



Running the Application

From Browser - Enter URL http://Your_sipXcom_IPAddress/index3.php

Screen opens to this -

When calls are active, total calls will increment, and active call details will be displayed on the screen, while the actual user information will change red to highlight the details.


At top of Index4.php - below    // -----set beginning and ending extension number ------.

Change $lowext= to the lowest extension you want displayed

Change $highext= to the highest extension you want displayed

At the line     //print "<img src=siptel.png>";

add your own png image name, and remove // to make it active after copying your image file to the folder /var/www/html/